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My Life According To Me...

Kirsten Explains It All!

8 September
Hey Hey, I'm Kirsten/Kiabu, me no mind.
I like doing a lotta stuff, but I'm pretty much an internet nerd. In a good way, of course :P

Wiggy_Girl [HF]


give i_get_headaches more *HUGS*

Get hugs of your own

Real life fun =D
<3 MS: Meine Schwester, you rock my socks and are always nice to me
<3 Laura: LJBaz, makes me smile
<3 Jill: :o)
<3 Jonny: You tell me everything which is great that you trust me
<3 Jamie: Jamesy, our music taste rocks!
<3 Keri: You mental, perma-hyper chick!
<3 Liza D: Glad I sit next to you in English again, it's a laugh!

Online d00ds =D
<3 Craig: You're really sweet and kind and when we talk on msn, you always make me smile
<3 Bekki: Girl, you rule! Keep up the Paul Frank Power! (Oh...yes...and tent orgies!)
<3 Dani: I will come visit you one day, then I'll be able to see your sheep!
<3 Piers: Stylish, man, stylish!
<3 Mike: Ya don't love me anymore, but keep to that heroin!
<3 Profmaster (& Macky - Gone somewhere but not forgotten!): DHC, Devilishly Handsome 4eva lyk man!
<3 Dru: Found you again :o)
<3 Ross: Seeya in Torry! :P
<3 All my other friends from HF, Monkeh, Sketzo, Random, Jenny, etc: Love you all!